Paranormal Short Story

  • Coincidence

    Why had I left Sidney to come to this cold wet inhospital country? What did I hope to find? The solicitor who represented my parents was dead and the firm after charging an exorbitant amount for a search of their records, could only tell me what I already knew, that my parents had taken me over from a Ms Hariette Powell, also known as Raddish. The last available census revealed no family of that name with or without a daughter.

  • Goodbye To The Past

    She shuddered. This was the room where it happened…

    She had felt the heat. The walls closing in on her. She was suffocating. Why had she returned and how?

  • Seventh Child

    I realised that as I studied the birth certificates. It was fate, inexorable, unchangeable. But for Father I might have had only occasional lapses, followed the pattern of the maternal line.

    Mother was the seventh child of a long line of seventh children. That in itself was ominous enough but worse was to come.


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